Precision Hardened Linear Shafting

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Standard and Custom Linear Shafting Products

Bearing steel rods are so common in industrial and commercial applications that most machines with back and forth (linear) or rotational moving parts incorporate bushings on bearing rods. Common types of bushings (bearings) used with linear bearing shaft include:

  • Ball bearings / ball bushings
  • Gothic or grooved double-row roller bearings
  • Bronze bushings
  • Plain bearings (sleeve bearings)
  • Bi-metal bearings
  • Oil impregnated bearings
  • Self-lubricating bushings / bearings
  • Plastic compound bushings
  • Metal back bearings

Sometimes these same precision steel shafts are simply used for positioning or "guiding" (guide rod) another moving part ... or even as a stable post for spacing or structural purposes.

Regardless of the application, steel shafting offers a flexible solution to designing moving systems that require durability and precision. IDA Motion takes these inherent properties one step further by customizing this round rail product for any environment. We cut, machine and coat to your specifications. We listen to what you need. We provide a quality product at a great price in a timely manner.

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Ask us about our FDA approved, wash-down coated bearing shafting!